The purpose of the Mission K9 Rescue Gala is to bring awareness and raise money to support the Hero Dogs who have served our country and communities so bravely.

The foundation provides monetary, transportation, adoption and medical assistance for retired military and contract dogs.

The event is open to general public who are:

  • Strong supporters of the military who want to help dogs who have fought alongside their handlers and have saved over 200 soldiers' lives per year.
  • Dog lovers who want to rescue or reunite hero dogs with their military handlers.
  • Avid readers of thriller/mystery novels who would like to get to meet some of their favorite authors
Authors Who Attended in 2015

Austin Camacho
Suzanne Chazin
Ben Coes
Tracy Costa
Ray Daniel
Jeffery Deaver
Hallie Ephron
John Gilstrap
Gary Goshgarian

Doug Grad
Connie J. Hambley
Lisa Rogak
Tierney James
Marian Lanouette
Leo J. Maloney
Michele McPhee
Liz Mugavero
Paula Munier
Susan Oleksiw

Michaela Hamilton
Rick Reed
Leonard Rosen
Barbara Ross
Jacqueline Sheehan
Sarah Smith
Leslie Wheeler
Susan Wilson
Reavis Wortham
Dave Zeltserman

Some pictures to Enjoy from Mission K9 Rescue Tribute Gala (Nov. 2015):


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