Apache Junction, AZ Locksmith

Next thing we know we are looking for a damn locksmith. Could you believe that? Someone locked their keys in their car while they were trying to set up the detailing service. I’m not going to point any fingers or come to any conclusions but I am definitely going to just say something about that: Hiring a locksmith is very dangerous and sometimes you have to be careful because there are a lot of scam artists out there.


One day you are going to find out how much it costs to hire a locksmith if they are one of the illegal ones in the area. That’s the problem is that some locksmiths that get sent out aren’t even licensed and will just try to make a quick buck off of you. Be careful of the locksmith who says one price over the phone but then when they come out they say a different price. This should never be the case for you.

ThisĀ Locksmith is our absolute favorite locksmith in Apache Junction, Az. They provide residential, commercial, and emergency locksmith services to anyone in the Aurora, IL area.

If you’ve locked your keys in your car or are having trouble with a lock in general, you can trust John’s Locksmith because we will be able to fix any issue that you are having within an hour. most of the time ThisĀ Locksmith gets out to your location in 30 minutes or less but there are the rare occasions when you will find that it is hard to find a locksmith.

Careful of This Scam

This is typically during the busy time This is probably the exact same timethat Uber and Lyft are trying to double or triple their rates so that everyone has to pay more since it is one of those times where a lot of people are on the road.

Locksmith Scam

Yep that is exactly how some Locksmiths will charge you so it’s important that you are wary of locksmith scams and anything that is locksmith related that might get your money taken or have you taken advantage of.

Hiring a Locksmith

The last thing we want to see is someone taken advantage of by a locksmith. That is why John’s Locksmith is dedicated to providing a professional locksmithing service to anyone in the aurora, IL area.

This is one of our favorite videos about locksmithing. There aren’t many videos out there that we like about being a locksmith because most of them are spammy or are dedicated to proving that locksmiths are shady or something. Honestly I don’t understand why that is their viewpoint. I am an honest locksmith who runs the company John’s Locksmith. Please trust my company to do the best service possible and to get you back into your home, vehicle, or back on the road. Whatever you may want we will try to provide for you as a local locksmith who is dedicated to providing great customer service.

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